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Mountain Roundup

Mountain Roundup is a realistic Large Force Employment (LFE) exercise conducted yearly at Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID. Usually in October the Fighter Weapons Instructor Course of the German Air Force, which trains its aircrews at Holloman Air Force Base, NM, deploys to Idaho and accomplishes the Mission Employment phase of the course. By exploiting the very close and versatile 7,700 square miles of associated airspace, a variety of scenarios of modern air warfare are displayed during the missions in the Mountain Home Range Complex and the two air-to-ground training ranges. Supported and hosted by the 366th FW and under the patronage of the Air Component Command this Flag-Exercise equivalent has attracted a lot of flying as well as ground units which all value the great training experience.

Since the first Mountain Roundup in 2005, formerly known as GAF ME exercise, it has developed into a unique training opportunity for U.S. forces working closely with the Fighter Weapons School of the German Air Force.

"FMS funding MAY be available at some level, but this is a Mutually Beneficial high intensity large force exercise and cost-sharing is always preferred, if necessary."

Funding is coordinated via HQ ACC/A3TS.


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