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Leica Televid APO 77

The "Ferrari" of spotting scopes, evolving to meet a goal of offering a bright, virtually aberration free view from a compact and lightweight (1695g for the 77mm Televid), shock proof (to 100 g's), corrosion and water resistant telescope. The Leica TELEVID and APO-TELEVID spotting telescopes offer the top optical and mechanical quality. These are superbly well suited to hiking in any environment, for visual and photographic uses in ornithology, for observing nature, long distance inspection and surveillance, and for some applications in astronomy.

The Magnification and Field of View provided by these telescope are determined by 1. the telescope focal length (choice of either 62mm or 77mm telescope), and 2. the optional eyepiece which is attached to the spotting telescope body; a weather tight seal is maintained at that coupling. The obvious differences between the Leica TELEVID spotting telescope bodies are aperture (77mm and 62mm), and eyepiece (or photo adapter) orientation


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