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FN Feuerleitgerät 40

Belgium-based firearms manufacturer FN Herstal announces acquisition of Finnish Company Noptel Oy, specialized in laser range finding technology. FN Fire Control Unit FN Fire Control Unit Over the last few years, FN Herstal and Noptel have worked together and designed and developed the new FN Fire Control Unit (the so-called FN FCU) for Military, Law Enforcement and Special Forces operators. The FN FCU significantly maximizes first-round hit probability when shooting 40mm LV tube-launched grenades, resulting in immediate target neutralization and improved soldier survivability. Two models are available today: the FN FCU-850N with a laser beam of 850nm and the FN FCU-1.5M with a laser beam of 1,550nm. Both offer similar aiming/firing capabilities and benefits, with the FN FCU-1.5M featuring a laser range finder undetectable with Night Vision Goggles. Noptel will remain a major actor in the development and manufacturing of FN Fire Control Units. Marketing and sales activities will still be FN Herstal's responsibility. This acquisition reinforces FN Herstal's position in the development of small caliber weapons integrating innovative technologies. Noptel Oy will be kept intact and will continue to operate under its current legal name and structure with corporate offices in Oulu, Finland.

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