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ISTC High Angle_Urban Sniper Course

A multi-national student sniper team locks in on a target high in mountains near Lizum, Austria during the International Special Training Centre's (ISTC) High Angle/Urban Sniper Course Oct. 13-26, 2013. The course includes 17 special operations students from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy and Norway. The course provides U.S. and partner nation students with the most current tactics, techniques and procedures for sniper engagement in mountainous and urban terrain. Graduates of the course have an increased capability for working in concert with other nations within a NATO or coalition operating environment. The ISTC, located in Pfullendorf, Germany, provides special operations training to U.S. and partner nation forces in Europe, and is an vital component of U.S. Army Europe's 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command's training capability.

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